A Faith-Centered Life

I’ve always been career-focused.

I’m not currently working. Well, I’m studying, consulting, and all that, but I am not working 9-5 like I used to. But even without it all, my life has never been more fulfilled, miraculous, and wonderful as it is now. Is it because I have more free time? Perhaps. I can’t shake off the feeling though that God is working in my life and has given me this time to focus my energy on him.

You, the reader, might not be entirely religious. That’s okay. I’m a Christian, but I’m not sharing to make any deterministic viewpoints or statements.

I’m brought back to the time I met someone I much admire. He saw beyond dogmas of religions and shared with me elegant principles like compassion, kindness, and humility. I met him when I was speaking at a rather formal event out of my league. I was asked a question about bringing people together for policy action, and I decided to speak from my heart – I said that it is about coming together beyond titles.

It didn’t speak to many people. But my mentor caught up to me after my speaking panel and told me he was “coming out” as a joyful person. He told me about how God works in mysterious ways each unique and different for everyone. That perhaps it is up to us to make sense out of our own experiences and have our own interpretation of faith that has been given to us.

When I was nervous about making the decision to move to Korea, he gave me conviction in my heart.

A faith-centered life is to look up to God each day as a gift. Whether you’re at work, conversing with your friends, or going about the day, with a purpose in the heart to bring glory to him.

Life is full of unexpected turn of events. Once we allow God into our lives, we can witness things beyond our imagination. Even more so, every day is filled with joy and happiness that God is working in our lives.

Take each and every day without worries about the next. God has already worked within you, so all we have to do is have the free will to enjoy all the blessings and learnings today. With gratitude in our hearts, we are kinder, less sensitive to externalities and more sensitive (spiritually) to how God is acting in our lives. Thus perhaps this is a way of a religious life – a way of letting him act and us accepting him into our hearts.