A Tepid Balance

They say art is a stab at immortality. That all creators, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs of sorts would by the dint of their creations, escape death. A poet once said he decided to write because, “[he] was afraid to die.”

Allow me to coin this statement to capture it in a perhaps more meaningfully.

A commentary once wrote that to be a “better adult” is the one who thinks critically about what he would leave the next generation with.

And perhaps through the work of their creation it is one way to preserve the learnings of one’s life. I do love reading biographies for that reason.

Most of us are though are not necessarily creators. We are active consumers of different mediums.

And so another argues that the best we could do is to be a better daughter, mother, and a citizen, ideally conscious about recycling well and using less plastic.

I would say that is a very communal-value driven argument. That may not very much sit well within the more individualistic culture.

For me, ambition keep me energized. Under tutelage of my mentors, they represent an ignited passion, desire, drive and conviction ready to go at a full-speed. It is a choice to put ourselves in situations to continue grow and push yourself at full-speed ahead.

Ambition does not come alone. The anticipatory fear that sparks the ambition to the work ethic and sleepless nights. It is the continuous drive that however you have performed in the past may not be good enough. It is a chase that does not seem to quite end. All we could do is to find solace in videos of cute pets and occasionally therapeutic poetic writing. And to know that at the very least, the direction of our lives is intact.

Coming back full-circle, I realize that is the reason why we find other relationships who could help fill those gaps in our lives.

And so I leave my note of the end of 2019 and to celebrate 2020 with gratitude for my family, friends, new relationships, opportunities, and more that have nurtured me and helped me grow in ways so unimaginable.

Thank you for helping me stay grounded, happy, and centered, more than ever. Thank you for you. And happy new year.