The Peter Pan Syndrome

I recently met a man who says he never wants to grow up.

I thought about what it meant to age.

Does it mean thinking like an older person or the physical deprecation itself?

Does it entail fear we become more “responsible” with more things that come with age like as jobs and family?

Do we develop more ties, emotions, thoughts and thus lack of creativity, or do we end up with more experiences and wisdom that keep us less prone to dangerous turn of events?

I realize a lot of this was simply having fun and keeping things interesting. Not taking ourselves or events too seriously. Not even telling ourselves there is such an answer to all the questions in this world.

Thinking that we do have all the answers will make us complacent and thus perhaps less excited about the world.

I couldn’t find the exact language, but here is the rough translation.

Travel connects cities and time. The convergent endeavors in between make into the most beautiful and philosophical moments

So let us us dance through life. Let us go through life as a tourist than as as if we are transiting from one station to the next.

Let it unfold in front of our eyes. Let all of its possibilities and impossibilities beyond our imaginations unfold. Let it unravel ruthlessly. The potential will keep us young.