The Peter Pan Syndrome

I recently met a man who says he never wants to grow up.

I thought about what it meant to age.

Does it mean we have live up to the responsibilities that come with age like as jobs and family?

Do we lose freedom? Is that a scary thing? Is life going to boring?

I think it’s important to not take ourselves or events too seriously. There are no such an answer to all the questions in this world.

Thinking that we do have all the answers to the questions perhaps lets us less excited about the world.

Here’s a quote I like from a book about traveling.

So let us us dance through life. Let us go through life as a tourist than as as if we are transiting from one station to the next. Let it unfold in front of our eyes. Let all of its possibilities and impossibilities beyond our imaginations unfold. Let it unravel ruthlessly. The potential will keep us young.