VC/Fintech Slack channels

  • Stellar (2800): Community of which connects people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential
  • Numerai (2308): Community of a hedge fund built by a network of data scientists
  • Monzo Developers (2160): Place to chat with Monzo (mobile bank) engineers and fellow developers
  • Finechfolk (804): Group for FinTech professionals to share ideas, advice and to make connections
  • Payslack (464): African microtransaction payment system
  • Finances (Hexwik) (404): Slack chat to discuss different financial aspects
  • #Genmab (27): Biotech company Genmab shareholders group
  • #Investing (n/a): Slack group of US & Canadian stock investors. Paid access – $9/month
  • VC Club (n/a): Venture capital community of VC’s, angels, advisors, and founders on Slack