Practicing Kindness

There are signs in Korea that says not to act superior to the employees. It also says that they can be your daughter or your son as to induce some sympathy.

Especially in Korea, where it is highly competitive, people are constantly in a hurry to get to the next place. Unfortunately we are all lucky to share the same circumstances or the opportunities. I would see the shopkeepers as no different than yourself – just taking things every day in each individual journeys.

We all like to travel, and we all work hard day to day, moving from one place to another getting to meetings on time. I really love traveling, because I’m so terrible with directions. I can get lost anywhere and not feel lost.

You’ll be surprised what you can learn from those around you. Think of it maybe as a detour in your daily life. To take the time to learn, explore, to tune into things around you a little more. Trying to be kinder is kind of like traveling in that way with unexpected surprises in your journey.