Arabesque: The ESG Quant Fund

Arabesque is the first ESG Quant Fund global asset management firm founded by Georg Kell, the founder and former Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact. It is focuses on advisory and data solutions by combining big data and environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics to assess the performance and sustainability of companies worldwide.

It has its headquarters in London and a research group in Frankfurt and has offices globally. It analyzes the ESG data first and then finds out how much to invest based on the company model. The fund has a 32.5% return on investment, higher than global investment growth rate of 24%.

It all began with George Kell’s speech at the Davos forum. He partnered up with Bob Eccles, the founding chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board. The vision is to enable everyone to be able to invest in responsible companies to hold them accountable.

The technology of Arabesque S-Ray is based on the dimensions of the UN Global Compact – environment, human rights, labor rights, ant-corruption and excludes those who rate poorly in the fields of arms, tobacco, or gambling. Kell hopes to continue to move a critical mass of companies in the right direction and markets demonstrate responsibility of creating a shared future.