C5 Accelerate Welcomes Urban Resiliency Cohort

C5 Accelerate looks for technologies in cybersecurity, space, AI and cloud-based technologies. C5 Accelerate’s advantages are: “strength, depth, and diversity” with mentorship from “business, military, policy, academia, and startup experience.”

“Three million new people move into cities every week and by 2050 nearly 70% of the global population is expected to live in cities. The aggregate demand for technologies to address this market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.4% to USD $717 Billion by 2023.

For the 7th cohort, C5 Accelerate (C5A) selected nine leading early-stage startups that are helping to build urban resiliency. The programming focuses on access to investors, advanced mentorship, leadership development, and business development support.”

  • BACE Group provides an AI-driven facial recognition API that helps businesses, especially financial institutions, remotely verify the identity of their clients while protecting the KYC data and fighting against online identity fraud.
  • Cybermap 360 helps companies manage their cyber footprints to provide full 360 awareness of the challenges on network systems for enterprise at scale.
  • Cyber COAST helps enterprises optimize their cybersecurity investments by automating testing against evolving adversary tactics and providing dynamic recommendations.
  • Modex simplifies blockchain adoption and builds blockchain-driven apps for clients, notably in the healthcare sector.
  • NSION provides highly optimized data security and speed in video data transfer in complex life critical field. The NSC3™ System is built for easy and effective operations — stream and store secured live video from drones to phones and cars to command and control centers.
  • NLX builds AI-powered enterprise chat and voice bots with a no-code UX.
  • Vyorius is creating an AI enabled plug and play delivery drone ecosystem for healthcare logistics.
  • V2Verify replaces usernames, passwords and challenge questions with a voice biometric technology that requires just 2-seconds of speech and works literally anywhere a company interacts with employees and customers.
  • Contact Tracing LLC is building a platform to be the world’s premier pandemic risk mitigation company with a contact tracing app designed to minimize infection fallout and a digital marketplace for PPE.