FullCycle is a Cleantech VC Building an Acceleration Economy

So I found FullCycle from last year’s Davos Forum highlights.

As you can see from the video, the thesis is to find technologies that transfer high carbon to low carbon economy – a “gigaton of carbon annually.” The company they highlighted is called Synova.

Transforming waste into valuable resources

Synova has developed a cost effective, closed loop system that converts all types of trash – including plastic – into clean energy, fuel, high-value chemicals, or virgin plastic feedstock, without fossil fuels.

Synova’s technology is disruptive in the developed world and the first to fulfill a huge unmet need in the developing world.”

Unfortunately, other than Synova, I haven’t seen too much other updates this year. I believe they have a solid team though. Their advisors – Erika Karp, Nathalie Nino – are faces quite active in impact investing circles.

Despite the $100 million committed at the Climate Action Summit, I’m not sure where exactly FullCycle is at. Synova hasn’t provided an update since 2018 either. Corona snooze? I’m not quite sure.