The 2020 Techstars x Starburst Aerospace Accelerator Cohort

The accelerator is run over three months and is partnered with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, Maxar Technologies, SAIC, Israel Aerospace Industries North America, and the U.S. Air Force, with support from The Aerospace Corporation.


Build AI 10x faster by allowing AI developers to generate simulated datasets.


User-friendly AR/VR software platform that’s revolutionizing education, training, and military command and control.

Infinite Composites Technologies

Infinite Composites Technologies makes the most efficient composite pressure vessels and structures in the universe!

Lux Semiconductors

Lux is developing next generation System-on-Foil flexible electronics.

Natural Intelligence Systems

Developer of advanced AI systems that provide deeper insight and allows data scientists to focus on results instead of data prep.

Prewitt Ridge

Prewitt Ridge is developing engineering augmentation software to help engineers design and build complex engineering systems.


SATIM is a fin-tech company providing insights on risks related to critical, linear infrastructure.

Urban Sky

Urban Sky’s stratospheric remote sensing vehicle, the Microballoon, delivers the lowest cost, highest resolution Earth Observation data available.


vRotors brings telerobotics to everyone:  remotely control any partner robot or drone in the world from your PC or VR headset.


WeavAir offers the most accurate platform for monitoring air contamination, air quality and mechanical system failure using a combination of networked sensor modules and predictive algorithms.