The Black Swan: Second Edition: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

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I picked up this book in the midst of COVID-19. It helped me rationalize and understand this mark in our better.

One day, I will think of this moment as a simple story, simplified, summarized, and elegant, but there are often moments like these with great pangs in our stomachs unsure and unfathomable.

As Nassim taught us, we seem to tend to rationalize the events past – that they are fathomable that they somehow made sense. Alas, the occurrence of the market shifting up or down, one country or state falling or another though they lay completely outside of our forecast, do not seem so outlandish in the aftermath.

Perhaps instead of focusing on the worst-case scenario and the unknowns, we can focus on the redundancies – less imposed, more regular, and more derived from the past – the long-term game. And we continue to stay true of – sticking to what grounds us – just like time spent with family, friends, and all else certainly keeping our feet on the ground.