Defense Ventures


  • Frontier Development Lab brings AI engineers to work together from the effects of climate change to predicting space weather, from improving disaster response, to identifying meteorites that could hold the key to the history of our universe. The lab is hosted by the SETI Institute and NASA Ames Research Center.

Corporate VCs

  • Airbus Ventures – aerospace, cryptocurrency, materials, tough tech
  • Boeing HorizonX – Mobility, AI, IOT, Security
  • Lockheed Ventures
  • Scout Ventures – AR, AI, Drones, Mobility, IoT, Cyber, Enterprise
  • In-Q-Tel – focuses on intelligence community, tough tech investor
  • LunarX – hosted by Google


  • Second Front Systems “accelerate delivery of emerging commercial technologies to U.S. and Allied warfighters.”
  • FedTech
  • One Defense – Government startup consultant for YC 500 and Techstars
  • 500 Startups
  • Lemnos Labs – Hardware

Traditional LPs

  • Lux Capital is a prominent deep tech/tough tech VC based in NYC.
  • *Team 8 “is an Israeli cybersecurity foundry focused on developing disruptive technologies and building category-leading companies that challenge the biggest problems in cybersecurity today.”
  • 8VC – Former Palantir founder, Firm has lobbyist on staff
  • Khosla Ventures seeks to invest into cost-effective, scalable inventions, or black swans of energy invention. This medium post captures the vision well.
  • C5 Capital “is a specialist investment firm that exclusively invests in the secure data ecosystem including cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and space.” They also launched C5 Impact Partners – “It is our first fund focused on data-driven technologies that support inclusivity, safety, resilience and sustainability of cities and communities.”
  • General Catalyst -Anduril Investor
  • ForgePoint Capital – Cybersecurity
  • Harpoon
  • Andreesen Horowitz – Anduril Series B Investor
  • Lightspeed – enterprise, security, citadel defense anti-drone company
  • Founders Fund – government, Trae is early Palantir, co-founder of Anduil
  • Trident Capital – Enterprise, IT, Cyber, Cloud
  • Acero Capital – Enterprise Software, co-invested with In-Q-Tel
  • Crosslink Capital
  • Bessemer Venture Partners – Consumer, Enterprise, Healthcare
  • Khosla Ventures
  • DCM
  • Shasta Ventures
  • DCM
  • Shasta Ventures
  • Softbank
  • Arsenal Growth – Enterprise, Commerce/Logistics, Healthcare
  • The Engine – tough tech investor
  • New Enterprise Association – tough tech
  • SOSV – runs HAX and Indie Bio. Focus on hardware and has Chinese chapter