Podcast at Startup Seoul!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2t5lSNk_qE&feature=emb_logo I had a wonderful time podcasting tonight at Startup Seoul! 🙂 Here, I talk about @impossible_foods and @bareburger entry into Korea, licensing deal I’m working on, and my time at @statedept, a company I worked on last year, @australia insta handle (which is awesome) and diving into impact investing. Switching to sustainable, organic, mostly plant-based foods made me so much healthier,… Continue reading Podcast at Startup Seoul!


Home has been super comfortable. I've been worried about my work ethic and my "why" shifting. There were books on the shelf with messages written on the first page to me. They were written by my grandfather and also my mother's side of the family. When I was younger, I never actually really read these… Continue reading Home

How do we invest in our most emergent global crises?

Investing in sound value-driven opportunities that can significantly reduce global threats are “good” investments, not only in a humanitarian sense but also in driving monetary value. So how do we know what lies ahead of our future? What is the greatest crisis of our generation? What is relevant to us? There is a lot of… Continue reading How do we invest in our most emergent global crises?