Clayton M. Christensen Must-Reads

Christensen's world's leading innovation guru and one of the world's most influential business theorists with his theory of disruptive innovation connecting seemingly disparate disciplines of management thinking. The must-read articles of his time are here below: Disruptive Innovation - From the December 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review, this provides an overview on his famous… Continue reading Clayton M. Christensen Must-Reads

Getting Plugged In – VC Reads (Korea/Asia/Global)

Korea News/EventsBusinessKoreaKorean InvestorsBorn2GlobalTech for KoreaVenture SquareOnoffmixPublyDirectoryKorean Venture Capital Association Thevc.krBlogs (Korean VCs with global presence have *)Jin Ho Hur’s Medium*Translink Capital’s 허진호 대표님Jongho Yoo의 브런치*Cyber Agent Ventures Korea’s 유정호 부사장님Live & Venture*Big Basin Capital’s 윤필구 대표님The Startup Bible*Strong Ventures’ 배기홍 대표님UNTITLED*Altos Ventures’ Han Kim김현준님하나벤처스 김현준님 금융/부동산이승훈님Co-Founder of Ringle김지호님 co-founder, 고스트키친박은우님*본엔젤스 심사역초기투자벤처케피털의 역할양준철님 온오프믹스의 대표이사최혁재님스푼라디오 대표이사한국에서 유니콘이 안… Continue reading Getting Plugged In – VC Reads (Korea/Asia/Global)

Thoughts on the Korean VC Ecosystem

I'm learning quite a lot since moving to South Korea and working within its startup ecosystem. I'm learning from the feedback and conversations about the ecosystem by thinking through how Koreans are positioning their market pivoting into Asia and beyond. I had not realized when I was in the States or perhaps in DC that… Continue reading Thoughts on the Korean VC Ecosystem

Podcast at Startup Seoul! I had a wonderful time podcasting tonight at Startup Seoul! 🙂 Here, I talk about @impossible_foods and @bareburger entry into Korea, licensing deal I’m working on, and my time at @statedept, a company I worked on last year, @australia insta handle (which is awesome) and diving into impact investing. Switching to sustainable, organic, mostly plant-based foods made me so much healthier,… Continue reading Podcast at Startup Seoul!