Tech Policy Hodgepodge

Tech News: Ars TechnicaNational Journal’s Tech Daily DoseThe Hill’s Hillicon ValleyWSJ tech reporters and “Digits” blogNYT’s technology feedGigaOmCNet politics & lawTech Policy Blogs: The Technology Liberation Front EFF DeeplinksTechDirtFreedom to TinkerEric Goldman’s Technology & Marketing Law BlogDigitopolyPublic Knowledge blogCDT blogMonday NoteRough TypeRegulation 2.0, various Forbes contributors (esp. Kashmir Hill)Proskauer with top thinkers in new media and technology law, Evan Selinger & Michael Sacasas (Philosophers in tech… Continue reading Tech Policy Hodgepodge

Thoughts on the Korean VC Ecosystem

I'm learning quite a lot since moving to South Korea and working within its startup ecosystem. I'm learning from the feedback and conversations about the ecosystem by thinking through how Koreans are positioning their market pivoting into Asia and beyond. I had not realized when I was in the States or perhaps in DC that… Continue reading Thoughts on the Korean VC Ecosystem

How do we invest in our most emergent global crises?

Investing in sound value-driven opportunities that can significantly reduce global threats are “good” investments, not only in a humanitarian sense but also in driving monetary value. So how do we know what lies ahead of our future? What is the greatest crisis of our generation? What is relevant to us? There is a lot of… Continue reading How do we invest in our most emergent global crises?

Trends in Impact Investing

The following text is an excerpt from a larger report. Available upon request. 1. Blended-Value Capital The idea of blended capital paved the way for new thinking across silo networks of maximizing value. It focused on aligning the investments of endowments with the mission of the foundation. The philosophy was launched Jed Emerson, a strategic… Continue reading Trends in Impact Investing

Bumpy Roads of China Ahead: Domestic Agenda and Financial Realities

Introduction China today is the second largest global economy, the largest exporter and has the largest exchange reserves in the world. Chinese reforms for its economy began with Deng Xiaoping’s opening agriculture, defense, industry, science, and technology for development with state-led macoeconomic policies. The economic reforms under Deng’s era increased its role of capitalism and… Continue reading Bumpy Roads of China Ahead: Domestic Agenda and Financial Realities

Leveraging Contemporary Technology for a Peaceful Korean Peninsula

Read on Asia Times here *This is an exploratory research paper for how can Blockchain be used as a solution for achieving peace in the peninsula. The successful inter-Korean dialogues continue, as they pledged together in the historic Panmunjon Declaration for “no more war on the Korean Peninsula” and declaration for a “new era of… Continue reading Leveraging Contemporary Technology for a Peaceful Korean Peninsula

Incentivizing Investments with Political Vehicles

(Originally written: 10.12.2018) American leadership promotes of governance, democracy, human rights, and global stability. How does this translate into social investments overseas? Businesses consult political risk, such as power structure and roots of political legitimacy, to make decisions on overseas investments. Democracy, which involves social systems, tax laws, and a regulatory environment, enables a positive,… Continue reading Incentivizing Investments with Political Vehicles