Recent – Here are Booz Allen Hamilton Foundation $1M Fund grantees for most innovation solutions for the pressing issues by the COVID-19

World Economic Forum’s Global Risk report shows environmental and technological threats or cyber-related events are most likely to happen with the greatest magnitude. Dual-use technologies promote global stability and enhance network security – the backbone of all technologies. Working on sustainability solutions take risk capital and patience, but create an inclusive future. Aligning incentives makes simple sense.

Here are interesting labs harnessing science and technology for a more safer and a sustainable world. Here is how I conduct VC due diligence. I also find these hard questions and the vigilante accountability project interesting.

  • Lux Capital “invests in emerging science and technology ventures at the outermost edges of what is possible.”
  • Stanford Climate Ventures is “led by two Precourt Energy Scholars with decades of energy technology, business, and policy expertise…[who] launch plans for high-impact ventures in the context of a new energy development framework.” Here is the latest from the 2020 Impact Assessment.
  • *Team 8 “is an Israeli cybersecurity foundry focused on developing disruptive technologies and building category-leading companies that challenge the biggest problems in cybersecurity today.”
  • Mulago Foundation Rainer Arnhold Fellowship. “The course brings Fellows and faculty together for an intensive week to work on design for maximum impact and scalability. Held in a retreat center on the coast in Bolinas, California, the course gives Fellows the rare opportunity to focus completely on their ideas and a systematic way to apply them.”
  • C5 Capital “is a specialist investment firm that exclusively invests in the secure data ecosystem including cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and space.” They also launched C5 Impact Partners – “It is our first fund focused on data driven technologies that support inclusivity, safety, resilience and sustainability of cities and communities.”
  • Paladin Group “is a leading global investor investing… through venture investment, expansion, and growth capital.” Its two funds focus on “critical infrastructure dependent on cyberspace” and “alternative energy.”
  • Prelude Ventures “is a venture capital firm partnering with entrepreneurs to address climate change. Since 2013, we have invested in over 40 companies across advanced energy, food and agriculture, transportation and logistics, advanced materials and manufacturing, and advanced computing.”
  • Unreasonable Group. “We back entrepreneurs positioned to bend history in the right direction.”
  • X Prize “has designed and operated seventeen competitions in the domain areas of Space, Oceans, Learning, Health, Energy, Environment, Transportation, Safety and Robotics.
  • Social Capital. “Our mission is to advance humanity by solving the world’s hardest problems.”
  • FullCycle “is building a world of infinite possibilities on a planet with finite resources.”
  • Breakthrough Energy Ventures is a $1 billion dollar Bill Gates energy fund. “Our strategy links government-funded research to the patient, risk-tolerant capital so that more transformative clean energy innovations get to market faster.” Here is a great Quartz article on the latest portfolio.
  • Obvious Ventures. “Early-stage venture capital for startups reimagining trillion-dollar industries through a world positive lens.” They invest in health, wellness, energy, mobility, and sustainable cities.
  • Khosla Ventures seeks to invest into cost-effective, scalable inventions, or black swans of energy invention. This medium post captures the vision well.
  • Conservation X Labs “applies technology, entrepreneurship, and open innovation to source, develop, and scale critical solutions to the underlying drivers of human-induced extinction.”